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SuperStore Systems have been successfully providing global marketplace technology to the Events and Media industry for many years helping clients expand their customer base and vendor engagement.    

Our Aim

SuperStore Systems aim is to offer the reliable integrated technology and support for every ecommerce business to become their own marketplace increasing their revenue,  customer base and discoverability.

What We Do

We provide the technology and support for eCommerce businesses to rapidly expand their brand by offering third party products and services of their choice to their community driving profits straight to the bottom line..   

Our super SuperStore team include
Brenda Hobday

Brenda Hobday


Jess Rees

Marketing Manager

Steve Olesansky


Poppy Darby

Client Support

Grant Stark

Business Growth Manager

Max Khon

Software Developer

Brian Gjados

Head of Tech Development

Andrei Anton

Software Developer

Christina Holba

Financial Controller

Tilly Lawson

Marketing Exec

Our Story

SuperStore systems
SuperStore Systems Marketplace platforms

Our story is about helping our clients to grow their businesses through their online community, helping them engage with the customers and stakeholders. We launched a few years ago offering the marketplace platform to the event industry because we know from over 30 years experience in the event industry just how event organisers can help exhibitors to engage with new customers and create a year-round community to drive revenues for all stakeholders.

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"Buyers are more willing than ever before to spend big through remote or online sales channels, with 35 percent willing to spend $500,000 or more
in a single transaction, up from 27 percent in February 2021" 
 McKinsey & Co

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