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"Marketplaces accounted 40% of total consumer spend online" Forbes

Exponentially accelerate the growth of your business by offering your customers more products and services of your choice without the hassle and distraction of stock management and fulfilment. You decide who sells what through your shop and how much commission is paid with the white-label marketplace platform from SuperStore Systems.  

Add marketplace capabilities retaining full control and branding with the SuperStore technology.  The era of the one-size-fits-all giant marketplaces is ending and we are entering an era of unbundling to niche marketplaces – make sure your business claims your sector.   

Boost your Bottom Line

Rapidly scale your ecommerce revenue and increase your basket size with a wider range of products and services without the stock holding and cost. Add your choice of third party sellers, at commission levels you choose, and send revenues straight to your bottom line.

Grow Customer database

Increase retention and attract new customers all at the same time with a wider offering of complimentary products and services. Supercharge your marketing efforts by attracting new customers through YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram channels.

Test New Markets

Accelerate the growth of your business by adding new product lines and complimentary services to your core offering. Give your customers a bigger selection and see your profits soar, all without the hassle and cost of stock holding nor fulfilment.

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“The continual refreshment of offerings also helps explain why marketplaces accounted for a 34% uptick in site traffic for retailers.”  Deloitte Consulting

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"The continual refreshment of offerings helps explain why marketplaces accounted for a 34% uptick in site traffic for retailers."
Deloitte Consulting
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